jan jacob stam resimOur international training consists of 4 modules of three days each. The title and the content of each module are given in the next page. The study group will be limited to 34 participants and after the first module has started, late-registrations will not be accepted.

Consecutive translation between English and Turkish will be done. (Two different translators will take place.)



TRAINERS: Jan Jacob Stam , Barbara Hoogenboom, Bibi Schreuder, Anton de Kroon

Working Hours: 10:00 a.m – 17:00 p.m

There will be 1,5- hour lunch break.

The training will take place in

Mete Cd. Park Apt. No: 24 Kat:6 Gezi Parkı Taksim/İstanbul


Certification: Participants will be given Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland and International Constellations Consultancy and Training Centre approved certificates when they have completed the whole training.


Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland kindly asks to learn..

  • your experience in constellation
  • your current profession
  • why you want to get this training

(Please send this information to:  info@konstelasyon.com before the first module starts!)



Trainers: Jan Jacob Stam and Barbara Hoogenboom

Dates: 31st March, 1st and 2nd April 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • Unique features of organizational system dynamics
  • The principals of orders
  • Personal and systemic conscience
  • Constellation sessions with the clients
  • Small group-works



Trainers: Bibi Screuder and Barbara Hoogenboom

Dates: 26-27-28 May, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • the keys to be a better facilitator
  • the interferences from the facilitator
  • the routes to be followed in the constellations



Trainers: Barbara Hoogenboom and Anton de Kroon

Dates: 29-30 September, 1st October 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • Kinds of constellations in its unique perspective: Scenarios, product-market constellations,
  • consultation-negotiation constellations, table-constellations, systemic consultancy,
  • systemic coaching



Trainers: Bibi Screuder and Jan Jacob Stam

Dates: 8-9-10 December, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • Supervision
  • Ethical values
  • The rising and emerging future
  • The integration of personal and professional experiences
  • The personal dynamics that intervene in your existence as a constellation facilitator

***As I have mentioned before, I would like this education program held in Holland, Groningen, Bert Hellinger Instituut to be given in Turkey. Since the group is going to be a closed one, no other people will be accepted to the group after the first module has started. Bert Hellinger Instituut determined the number of participants as maximum 34 people.

We are more than glad to start this training for the first time in Turkey with its same teaching staff who has been leading this international education program for years in Holland.

We appreciate Jan Jacob, the founder of systemic constellations a lot for providing this opportunity.

Göksel Karabayır


Founding President

Constellation Facilitator and Trainer


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